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I have had problems with sciatic pain for many years. When the pain was really bad I would do only the very necessary things and sit with my feet raised, medicating myself with over-the-counter pain relievers. I have prviously been to a chiropractor when the condition was poor because I have a intolerance to many medications. I started as a patient of Dr. Morgan's because a friend with the same symptoms was greatly helped through his treatment. I too was helped and now have more movement with greatly diminished discomfort. I've also been able to resume my walking regimen for the first time in months.

A. Spencer

A Family Affair

I was in a terrible car accident in1996. I was hit in the rear and injured my neck and lower back.

I saw Dr. Morgan's office and thought, what the heck; I'll give it a shot. He had just moved into the office. He did an exam and told me exactly what was going on with me. I gave him a chanch. He told me not to worry and was going to do all he could to get me on the right track.

He has been an excellent doctor and always has something wonderful to tell you. My daughter was under chiropractic care with Dr. Morgan and since then their have been no more trips to the emergency room and to the drug store to fill prescriptions. I credit the excellent care we received with Dr. Morgan.

It's such a blessing not to take pain pills or over the counter drugs to ease the back, neck and headache pain. I am much healthier, not tired, sleepy or depressed all the time. I feel great!

My little sister who suffered with headaches since she was 3 or 4 years old started care with Dr. Morgan and I heard her say that this is the best she's ever felt since coming to Dr. Morgan. I was excited!

Chiropractic care is much more than a myth. It's reality. Dr. Morgan is an excellent doctor who cares about his patients regardless of race, color of their skin, income, or educational background. He's a people person and if there were more people in this world like him this would be a better place.

D. Weaver


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